June Mixtape!

Tracklist Mixtape June 2012

1 Chris Lake-Changes Chris Lake
2 Open Your Eyes Finally (Hardwell MashUp) – Alex Metric & Steve Angello vs Ce Ce Peniston
3 Passion – Original Mix – Gat Decor
4 With Me – Original Mix – Pryda
5 Organ Of Love – Original Instrumental Mix – Jerry Ropero, Java, Caesar Scissors
6 Drop The Pressure – Mylo
7 Troucid – Original Mix – Jochen Miller
8 Battle Weapon 8 – The Chemical Brothers
9 Miami 2 Ibiza (Swedish House Mafia vs Tinie Tempah) – Tinie Tempah
10 Reunion (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) – Astrix

May Mixtape!

Track List: tracklist mixtape May 2012

1      Night Eagle (Peter-A Remix) – Morttagua
2      Ho Scritto Una Storia (Original) – Western Playing, Antisson
3      Unity (Eddy Beneteau Remix) – Stormtracker
4      Blue Hawaii (Original Mix) – Skyko
5      Ice (Original Mix) – Polonski
6      Asylum (Original Mix) – Delta3
7      Vril Society (Original Mix) – Versi
8      Numbers (Original Mix) – Nick Larson
9      Microwave Chicken (Original Mix) – Cramp, Anton Firtich
10    They Have Laser Eyes (Original Mix) – Noah Neiman
11    Seiche (Original Mix) – Bilal El Aly

April Mixtape!

Tracklist Mixtape April 2012

1     Obsession (Kaan Koray Remix)  –   John D
2     Camorra (Original Mix)  –   Nicky Romero
3     Gone In 7 Minutes (Original Mix)  –   Federland
4     Motion (Original Mix)   –   Digital Cassette
5     Antidote (Sebastian Krieg Remix) –    Mark Knight, Funkagenda
6     Amsterdam (Original Mix)  –  Orjan Nilsen
7     Advanced – Marco V Remix  –  Marcel Woods     2
8     The Flow (Spaceprojekt Remix)  –  Blink Blank
9     Ipso Facto (Original Mix)  –  Joint Operations Centre
10     Earthshine (Original Mix)   –   Raneem, Emdee
11    Demons Are Forever (Original Mix)  –  Ralphie B


March Mixtape!

tracklist mixtape March 2012

1       Marcelle (Original Mix) – Ellez Marinni
2       Be (Original Mix) – Simon Said
3       Aulax (Original Mix) – Alexshapes, Chrisphere
4       Color Seed (Filth & Splendour Remix) – Elmute
5       Sweet Harmony – Dave Spoon And James Talk Remix – Liquid
6       Adrenaline (Original Mix) – Emin K., Ansarov
7       Particle Flow (Original Mix) – Whytee
8       Orwell (Original Mix) –    Trey Smith
9       Radiance (Original Mix) – Trilucid, Alex Collings
10     Louder (Original Mix) –    APD
11     Flex (Original Mix) – David Forbes, Alan Nimmo
12     Summer Morning (Original Mix) –    Patrick White
13     Panamarenko (Mr. K’s Original Mix) – Nash & Pepper
14     Senza Fine (Paul Todd Remix) – Touchstone

February Mixtape!

Tracklist February Mixtape

1     Sex Appeal (Original Mix) – Travi$
2     Sakura (Wellenrausch Remix) – Addictive Glance
3     Teardrop (Russell G & Steve Haines Remix) – Andrea Bertolini, Miss Motif
4     Anaconda (The Whiteliner Remix) – DJ Cross, Happy Paul
5     Generation 303 (Original Mix) – Nicky Romero
6     Airborne (Original Mix)  – Michael Woods
7     Ready 2 Fly (Original Mix) – Deth Hertz, No Body
8     Analogital (Original Mix) – Marco V
9     Troll (Original Mix) – Qulinez

January Mixtape!

Tracklist Mixtape January 2012

1 Beep (Fine Touch Remix) Damien J. Carter, BK Duke
2 IMIIS (Original Mix) Ben Malone
3 Universal Language (Ben Gold Remix) Mike Foyle, ReFeel
4 Dr. Lupo (Minimize Remix) Ace Ventura, Rocky
5 Traffic (Tristan Garner Remix) Tiesto
6 Rising Moon (Original Mix) Wolfpack
7 Scarlet Heaven (Original Mix) Ost & Meyer
8 Slow (Original Mix) Ivan Carty
9 777 (Ben Gold Remix) Hydrogenio
10 Tracking (Original Mix) Niclas G

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December Mixtape!

1 Spider (Johann Stone’s Racknophobia Mix) Stana
2 Stay Classy – GMS Remix GMS, Astrix
3 4 O’Clock in the Morning (Original mix) Lazard Ft Beverley Craven
4 Universal Nation – Ferry Corsten Remix Push
5 rhythm beyond unreal
6 As The Rush Comes (Gabriel and Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix) Motorcycle
7 i’m frightend calling the freak
8 Fade To Black – Sean Tyas Remix John Askew
9 Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) Art Of Trance

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November Mixtape!

1  Ammonia (Original mix)   – Kura
2  Berlin Morning (Slash Remix)  – Igness
3  Magic (Spiritus Mix)   – Tony Moran, Jennifer Holliday
4  Reunion (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)  –  Astrix
5  Levels (Original Mix) –   Avicii
6  Dreaming Of Ibiza (Original Mix) –  Dirkie Coetzee dB)
7  Everytime – Funkagenda Remix  –   Lustral

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The future of Djing?

The world of Djing is changing fast.. very fast

5 years ago I bought a a Pioneer CDJ1000 which at the time was the industry standard CD DJ deck used in clubs the world over, so it seemed the logical choice to buy although expensive. I paid the best part of £700 new, hence I only bought the one with plans of adding another later. I already had and still do a pair of Technics SL1210 turntables and the CDJ allowed me to enter the download arena, downloading tracks and burning them to CD, which in itself proved to be a pain. I used to put 6 tracks onto a CD although you could fit more, for labeling purposes 6 was pretty much the limit.

More time drifted and I found myself buying more and more downloads and less vinyl, so i needed a digital solution… on a budget! Enter Torq Connectiv a digital vinyl system  that uses time coded vinyl a computer running software that allows you to control the playback with the decks. So now I had solution which worked fine. The only thing with digital vinyl systems is that you still have the foibles of vinyl turntables to contend with i.e. wow and flutter of the platter (speeding up and slowing down)

I decided I no longer wanted to use turntables (I’ll never sell though!). if your a scratch DJ they are great especially with DVS as you can use mp3’s with your beloved vinyl turntables.

The new kid on the block as far as Pioneer was concerned was the CDJ2000, but weighing in at £1500 a piece the commitment was too much.. OK so you can get a cut down versions CDJ900/800 etc but I’d bought the best they did 5 years previously for under £700…times had changed

So I decided I needed a new digital solution as I liked using playlists and wanted to get more into dropping samples and looping which all can be done with Torq… But needed a tidier solution…..

I’d heard a Native Instruments Tracktor was becoming the industry standard DJ software of choice and decided this was the software I wanted, so what hardware to couple it up with?

I checked out Pioneers own DDJ-T1 at Hard to Find Records but felt it was like a kids toy compared to there top end gear,so after a bit of consideration decided to go with NI’s own new kid on the block…
Enter Native Instruments Kontrol S4 controller coupled up with Traktor Pro! 4 deck support, sample support and built in audio
I also got a new Laptop to run Traktor on, but the cost of a new laptop (dedicated for tracktor use) and the S4 cost less than one CDJ2000 can do all they can and more… I know, a fellow DJ has made the leap and gone Pioneer which I’ve used…. Setup cost 5K!!

All in all I’m very happy with the S4, it’s a quality piece of gear

ill write a dedicated post on it soon…

Who knows where we’ll be in another 5 years the world of DJing is changin fast, very fast!