My studio is small but perfectly formed…

As you can see I don’t own any hardware for production..unless a Casio VL1 counts? what about a stylophone? No thought not

I prefer the so called “in the box” method where virtual instruments and effects are all software within the computer, this method allows total recall of all synth and effects settings, just hit save and its all there for next time exactly as you left it,great!

I run Logic 9 as my main sequencer on a MacBookPro. For DJ duties I have a Native Instruments Kontrol S4 working alongside Traktor Pro2 on a fast PC laptop dedicated for Traktor use.

Kit List:

Apple MacBookPro Laptop Intel Duo Core 2Ghz 2Gb Ram 256GB SSD
Focusrite – Scarlet 2i2 soundcard
AMD PC 2600+ CPU – 1.5GB RAM – 130GB HD – M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard
Soundcraft – Absolute 2 Monitors
Samson Servo 170 studio amp
M-Audio Bx5a Studio Monitors

Novation Compact SL49 Controller Keyboard
Korg Nano kontrol controller

Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2 CD deck
Technics SL1210 MK2 deck X 2Behringer VMX200 DJ MixerM-Audio Torq – Connectiv running on old laptop PC

Acer Aspire 5750 i3 2310M 4gb 320gb HDD Running Traktor Pro 2
Native Instruments Kontrol S4

Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones
Technics headphones
Samson C03U Microphone

Logic 9 Sequencer, Logic 7.2 Sequencer
Ableton Live 4 Sequencer
Logic Platinum 5.5 Sequencer
Absynth 5 Synth

Sylenth1 Synth
Many VST effects and VSTi’s

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